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Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to have a look at the pictures.

If it only stops one parent from not pushing and seeking help and not taking no for an answer at the earliest time possible time then it is well worth the heartache it took to post them.

Any parents looking at these pictures all i can say is this what is what your child may look like 20 years down the line.

I'm no preacher and i wouldn't presume to tell anyone what to do all i am saying is don't take no for an answer, push, ask to be reffered somewhere else.

It did take a lot out of me posting these images. I read so many posts on this site about hating to catch glimses of themselves in side profile. I am the same, its only through coming to support sites like this one that you can relate to others and know that your not the only one out there looking like you do and the stories you have to tell are not unique theres others who been through the same.

I thought for 20 years i was the only one who looked like i do

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