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Just found this article while running a search, guys any idea what this is all about and how safe it is?

Revolutionary device used in spine surgery

Our Correspondent
Noida, January 1
Fortis Hospital, Noida, is the first hospital in South East Asia which claims to have used DIAM (Device for Intervertebral Assisted Motion) in spine surgery. This revolutionary device in spine surgeries overcomes the shortcomings of the stereotype mode of surgery in which screws and rods are used to support the spine. Therefore, post-operation stiffness of the back troubles the patient.
The device has been invented by Prof Jean Taylor, Monaco, France.
Prof A K Singh, Director Neurosciences, Fortis Hospital and Dr Samjeev Dua, Sr Consultant Neurosurgery, had conducted the first surgery using this device.
In DIAM surgery, a bag filled with silicon gel is inserted between the two vertebras after creating a proper bed for it. This process helps in restoring the space between the adjacent vertebrae and opens up the canals through which the nerves can easily pass, thus relieving pressure on the nerves. The process enables the complete range of movement as the silicon bag adjusts to pressures by molding itself temporarily and then regaining its shape.
The spine is made of individual bones called vertebrae, which provide support for the spine.
These vertebrae are connected in front of spine by intervertebral discs that help support the spine and also allow it to move. Neck and lower back pain are the most common existing spine problems.
Though the surgical treatment for it has existed for long, but with DIAM the efficiency and results of spine surgeries will reach next level in India.
Prof. A. K. Singh, Director, Neurosciences, Fortis Hospital, Noida said, “At this moment, DIAM has been implanted in three patients at Fortis. It has been well received by the patients. The greater patient satisfaction will encourage the widespread use of DIAM in India in future.”
DIAM is suitable for patients who are unable to walk because of leg pain or weakness of legs brought on by walking.
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