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Interesting paper. I hadn't realised that flatback had been identified and named by Moe as far back as 1976 - that's a full 18 years before my surgery which left me with significant positive sagittal balance. Generally the turning point is given as LaGrone's study and paper in the late 1980s, which managed to capture the interest required to make a change. Most surgeons had stopped using Harrington rods by around 1990, and it was widely enough recognised as a problem that my first surgeon, a local hip and knee guy with "an interest" knew about the risks (although ironically enough, it would have been better if he hadn't - a Harrington would have done me less damage, but only because he was not specialised enough to handle the kind of instrumentation that he actually used).
Diagnosed at 15 with 50 curve, but probably juvenile IS. Fused in kyphosis (by non-specialised ortho) with a/p surgery T10-L2 @ 21, posterior only revision surgery to correct kyphosis @ 29. Now 38 with further revision surgery and extension of fusion to sacrum required to correct residual kyphosis, restore lordosis and address spinal stenosis.
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