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i had a consultation at 7 weeks post op and was allowed to drive then, but jo (can't remember her SSO username) was told at the same stage to not drive, and i know people who have yet to pass their tests or start learning to drive are told to wait several months (martha for example i think, and tracey)

i haven't lost much flexibility, but i did have a couple of problems. my old car didn't have power steering so i bought a new one (if you don't have PAS and can't get a new car, wait longer, because driving without PAS is like lifting something heavy, and you're not allowed to do that). changing lanes i don't find a problem (this might get confusing, you may have to visualise that i drive a right hand drive car and we drive on the left over here too...bear with me) my major problem was reversing into a parking space, and looking over my right shoulder, down the side of the car (so twisting that way i found a problem, this was twisting away from my incision side) and the only other thing i found tough was (surprisingly) the handbrake! in most cars over here the handbrake is between the front seats, behind the gearstick - pulling it up engages the brake, releasing it and putting it down takes it off. i found it hard to lift it up initially because i hadn't lifted anything for so long

i hope that's not too long and confusing. i was surprised i didn't have issues with my legs getting tired. the thing to remember is, if you're parking etc and have trouble twisting, that's the sort of manoeuvre you can really take your time with and crawl through if necessary. i think blair got back behind the wheel after surgery too so perhaps we can ask her later
Diagnosed in March 2001 by family GP after my mum noticed an asymmetry in my spine. Referred to a consultant at the RNOH, Stanmore and started attending consultations for x-rays twice a year. Prescribed a TLSO brace to be worn 16 hours per day. Began with double major curves at approx 48 degrees. Offered surgery in 2003 aged 16 and declined to continue with school. Requested surgery in 2005 instead. Had T11-L3 fused on 16th July 2005 and haven't looked back! Released for all activities in March 2006, having been driving and riding horses with consultant's permission since 7 weeks post op.
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