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my dad and i couldn't believe it. i wonder if other wards at QMC are the same, like if you go to the maternity unit for example and get to see various stages of birth or something. i'd have run screaming if i'd been a QMC patient, they would have had to anaesthetise me outside the building
Diagnosed in March 2001 by family GP after my mum noticed an asymmetry in my spine. Referred to a consultant at the RNOH, Stanmore and started attending consultations for x-rays twice a year. Prescribed a TLSO brace to be worn 16 hours per day. Began with double major curves at approx 48 degrees. Offered surgery in 2003 aged 16 and declined to continue with school. Requested surgery in 2005 instead. Had T11-L3 fused on 16th July 2005 and haven't looked back! Released for all activities in March 2006, having been driving and riding horses with consultant's permission since 7 weeks post op.
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