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Smile Re: New mum with brace questions

Hi there, I too have a daughter who was just fitted for a brace about 2 months ago. I feel as if I know how you feel...personally I couldn't sleep, looking for success stories, trying to reassure my daughter, rethinking the treatment does get easier. Especially after the brace has been worn a few months. Ok, as for is what works for us: (we are in the US)...any under shirts which are seamless...little camisoles work which are lightweight. They should be tight, so no wrinkles irritate her skin. There are some online at Hopes Closet. This is a website made by a mom-daughter team specifically for girls with scoliosis. They come in nice colors, and some have a cap to cover the highest part of the brace near the arm. They are long too, so they come down past the brace. We actually can wear the same jeans by looping a rubber band through the button hole, double back and loop around the button. Long shirts are in style over here..and there is a benefit.

Bless you, wish I could talk or help you more....I truly know how it breaks your heart, but there is something good that I find in this mess for us anyway....we talk a lot, and we realize that we will come out of this one way or another...we are keeping our mom daughter teen relationship in tact through all of this, which isn't so easy!

Go easy own yourself mum!
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