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Default Re: Upcoming Surgery, so many questions

Originally Posted by mamy1024 View Post
He also said there was a procedure he could do before the spinal fusion that could, I don't know, this is the part I didn't understand, loosen my bones up? I want to say he mentioned sticking a needle in my side to do this.
After reading this, it sounds like he wants to do an XLIF. This is where the go through your side working through tubes or portals. This is considered a minimally invasive anterior procedure since it is usually two small holes or slits around 1 in length. They will remove your disc or discs through these tubes and insert a cage or a spacer. Of course this fuses into solid bone over time. The posterior portion usually comes after, in the same day or staged a few days. Fusing from the front adds integrity to your fusion. XLIF is also not used for the lowest 2 lumbar levels so it looks like your not going to be fused to the sacrum or pelvis. It is a form of anterior release. Think of this releasing as relating to soft tissues and not bone. Its also not a complete release since anterior patients can be staged a few weeks before their posterior procedures.

Thoracoplasty has become a rare thing in the US.... The modern spinal systems correct vertebral rotation with pedicle screws, and most rib humps are reduced significantly. Thorocoplasty involves a thoracotomy and yes I have read they hurt. I have also read that this is probably THE most painful surgical procedure that is done, so you should ask about this. They cut under your arm pit to gain access.

You have some heavy duty scolis posting here on your thread....the toughest of the tough.

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