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Default Re: Upcoming Surgery, so many questions

I had 2 stage surgery in jan13,
The first op, anterior release was to loosen the spine, they went in through my right side removed 4 discs & ribs to loosen the curve, and then a week later they put me back together so to speak putting the metalwork in.
Sound worse than it worse, it was tough, but sooo worth it!!!
My spine isn't totally straight as you can see from my profile pic, but I also had a costoplasty during the 1st stage so my rib hump is virtually gone thank god!
I'm not perfect but I am a million times better than I was, and most importantly I'm fixed and the happiest I've ever been
Good luck with you journey
Kerry x
34 year old, diagnosed @ 15 with 75* curve, progressed to double curve 110* and 60* by time of surgery.
2stage surgery under Mr Lehovsky @ Stanmore aged 32- Anterior 16th Jan 2013 and Posterior 22nd Jan 2013. Came home 30th Jan 2013. Fused t1-t12.
I am very thankful to Mr Lehovsky, Hanny registrar, Dr Inyaki and the rest of guys at RNOH Stanmore for taking such good care of me and giving me a chance to improve my life.
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