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Default Re: Introduction- Surgery in 3 days

Originally Posted by JayMoe View Post
Wow, what a great correction you got Hayley and the scar looks nice and neat too and sometimes they need to fuse less than originally though, as they can only give a very good estimate of what needs to be done on an xray, and when they get in they sometimes do more and sometimes less than stated, but they will say if they did more, at least my surgeon did.

How are you feeling now?
Hey Jay! Hope you're doing well, recovery partner! XD I'm feeling great- I'm no longer on any meds, (I take the occasional teaspoon of kids' tylenol if needed) and things are definitely getting back to normal. Next step will be trying to drive and seeing if I can check my blind spot so I can get back to work! I'm also signed up to start physiotherapy on Tuesday.

I saw in your other thread you were asking about Pilates- I think that might be a bit of what I'm going in for. I think it's probably ok if you feel up to it- I'd ask your doctor just to make sure. Mine has been very lenient with restrictions- he says "do whatever you think you can."

I'm really glad to have as many mobile segments as possible- though Dr. O'Brien said it doesn't necessarily reduce the risk of degeneration later in life when I asked. (Hopefully by then they'll have something hi-tech to fix DDD if it ever happens!)

No mam, scabs and all....own it sister and be proud it's amazing!!! I am on a 23 day count down and seeing you and listening to what you think has really been nice! I could go on and on about how happy I am for you, your right the cosmetic side of it isn't the most important however it is very nice for ones self image and anyone who denies that is lying to themselves. Clothes are hard to find, swim suites are awful and even jeans don't fit property, one leg longer then the other etc etc. I am 28 and i had a hell of a time in high school and I am ready....I!!! Congrats again and many thanks for keeping us updated!!!!!
I will! It's the old self-consciousness creeping in- I have to get over that now! Thanks so much for the kind words, & it's really rewarding to be able to help!

As you can glean from my first posts I was petrified before going in, but when I woke up the recovery was really straightforward. In the hospital they basically just show you how to push the morphine button, get you up for walks and let you rest. I was pretty zonked for about a week and a half, then I was suddenly feeling much better, and I'm almost back to normal now. You'll do fine- you have a lot of great factors going for you like youth, positivity & determination. Just go in knowing you've done everything you can to prepare!

I know what you mean about clothes- I'm wearing shirts now I've been avoiding for years! High school was a drag for me too- I was in a dance class and had my warm-up partner go "you're back is so WEIRD. Like, is this your spine over here?" She didn't mean anything by it, but I was embarrassed. As for swimsuits, I'm thinking a nice racerback to cover the scar until it's allowed to see the sun! It'll be fun to try a few different options.

Your welcome....Your symmetry is fantastic and your rib hump looks like its completely gone. Nice job!

I actually posted a photo of me bull riding years ago on NSF. It was at Gillyís in Las Vegas for lunch, and the mechanical bull was unplugged...
Yes, it was corny, but corny is ok every once in a while. he he

Did your surgeon ever talk about Dr Shelokov? They worked to together you know, and Dr S was a guru. He died mountain biking in Telluride, Colorado a few years back, it was such a shock and such a loss.

I exchanged my x-rays with them many years ago in Plano before my surgeon came to Reno. We didnít have a scoliosis surgeon here many years ago, so I was thinking UCSF in San Francisco, or Dr Shelokov. It was a small world in scoliosis years ago....

Thanks Ed! I was so relieved that he didn't need to do a thoracoplasty. I signed my consent, but I wasn't looking forward to it! That was the first thing my sister told me when I woke up- that he didn't touch the ribs. Apparently I muttered "Awesome" and went back to sleep XD

The thought of all the other forum-goers staring in horror at your bull-riding picture makes me chuckle.

Now that you mention it the occupational therapist was mentioning a surgeon who passed away mid-career. All his patients were transferred to Dr. Hostin who needed to enlist Dr. O'Brien to help. It is a small world! That's a real shame though- I'm sure he improved so many lives.

Oh, I never knew I had a place in Las Vegas

Hayley, the difference your surgeon has made is nothing short of amazing! Enjoy that lovely figure of yours
That was my first thought too XD "Oh you had lunch with Gilly in Las Vegas? That's nice."

Dr. O'Brien definitely is a wizard! It almost seems physically impossible to shift that much curve. I'm really grateful to have gotten someone so skilled so close to home.
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