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Default Re: Introduction- Surgery in 3 days

Originally Posted by HayleyM View Post
Thanks Ed! & Thanks for all your great advice over the past month. I was actually thinking pretty seriously the other day about how cool it would be to do something crazy like getting a helicopter piloting license. I feel like doing extreme things! The doctor said I can do pretty much anything I want, but he doesn't recommend bull-riding just yet. There goes my weekend -.-
Your welcome....Your symmetry is fantastic and your rib hump looks like its completely gone. Nice job!

I actually posted a photo of me bull riding years ago on NSF. It was at Gillyís in Las Vegas for lunch, and the mechanical bull was unplugged...
Yes, it was corny, but corny is ok every once in a while. he he

Did your surgeon ever talk about Dr Shelokov? They worked to together you know, and Dr S was a guru. He died mountain biking in Telluride, Colorado a few years back, it was such a shock and such a loss.

I exchanged my x-rays with them many years ago in Plano before my surgeon came to Reno. We didnít have a scoliosis surgeon here many years ago, so I was thinking UCSF in San Francisco, or Dr Shelokov. It was a small world in scoliosis years ago....


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