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Default Re: Introduction- Surgery in 3 days

Originally Posted by Mrs. Krier View Post
You back is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow!! I can't imagine how it feels to see a before and after of yourself like that. Please do post pictures of your incision, as that's something my mothers worried about. I have heard of the bone stimulator, I heard that it increases the rate in which the fusion fuses. But hey, I am a rook awaiting my own surgery so don't go off of what I heard. Lol! Sounds cool though! God Bless and keep amazing me with your recovery! Happy 4th!
Aw thanks Mrs Krier! It is pretty surreal. I knew looking at my back after years of trying to exercise the curve away that it was only going to get worse- now I feel like I can walk around without thinking about how it looks to other people. Not that the cosmetic side is the most important- it's just the most tangible reward right now

About the pic below- I probably shouldn't have said it looks "nice", as there's some scabbing that still needs to go away but most of the incision underneath all that is pretty thin. They only took off the steri-strips yesterday which is why some of the scabs haven't fallen off (sorry for being gross!). Apparently the scar remodels itself a few times over the first year, & if you keep it out of the sun it should be pretty light.

Hayley, you had a sizeable “T” curve going on there.....Good to get that out of the way....

You had a very nice correction! You probably grew around 2”, have you measured your height?


Thanks Ed! & Thanks for all your great advice over the past month. I was actually thinking pretty seriously the other day about how cool it would be to do something crazy like getting a helicopter piloting license. I feel like doing extreme things! The doctor said I can do pretty much anything I want, but he doesn't recommend bull-riding just yet. There goes my weekend -.-

It was a pretty dire before photo, I'm amazed at what the doctor was able to accomplish. I initially gained 1 and 3/4 inch (5'5 3/4" to 5'7 1/2") but I think I'm just 5'7" now.

Also- he fused less than I thought! Just to L1 even though the paper said L2- it might have something to do with my wacky 12th thoracic vertebrae- the doctor said it acts as a sixth lumbar so he may have classified it as one.
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