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Default Re: Upcoming Surgery, so many questions

Hello and welcome!

In answer to your questions, you remembered the levels correctly, the spine goes C-T-L-S (Cervical- neck, T- Thoracic, L-Lumbar, S (dont know) But dont worry about being stiffer than normal, not sure what causes this though. Many of us here also have long fusions, and if i remember correctly, someone here is fused at the levels your surgeon proposes to fuse you at.

But the procedure your surgeon most likely will be Halo Traction, this, as horrible as it sounds, is when they attach a a carbon halo to your head and then attach weights to it, and this gradually pulls the curve straigh over an elect amount of time and then after that they will perform the fusion (i had this done so do feel free to ask more questions and also i have photos of me in it if you want to see more.) As i also had stiff curves and so it was better to have this done to help in bringing things straight again. Its different for everyone, i wont lie, it hurt for me, mainly becuase one of the pins was located directly next to a nerve. But the pain killers they give work a treat and will take this away, they will even give you Local anesthetic at the sites if the pain gets to unbearable.

The mental aspect is difficult, but you'll be able to find ways of coping. You might not be able to pick up a DSLR during the first few months, as your unable to pick up much, i struggled to pick up a bottle of water if it was filled to much. But if you have a point and shoot, that might be more viable at the 2 month mark or so.

Hope this helps and welcome again.

Diagnosed at 14 in '08 with Neuromuscular Kyposcoliosis (due to my Neurofibromatosis Type 1) in the Thoraco-lumber region (T-65* L60*).
Halo traction for a week then I had surgery 08/05/14, fused C5-T12 correcting curves by about half! By the wonderful and amazing, Mr Bernard. And then an Anterior Iliac Strut graft in my neck/ chest on the 05/06/14
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