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Welcome to the forum

I, too, have lived with Scheuermann’s kyphosis for a long while. In my teens I was braced and in my 20s turned down for surgery. I tried massage therapy, physio, chiro, acupressure, soft posture braces, etc. Some helped temporarily, though nothing helped the psychological impact. I basically just had to live with it until last year when I went back to see if there were any other options for me (since my pain was increasing).

My GP seemed oblivious to my spine disorder (and she has scoliosis!) but referred me for x-rays for ‘neck pain’. The radiologist mis-diagnosed me as well with postural kyphosis. It took me going back to him, insisting he look into Scheuermanns then re-read my x-ray, searching for scoliosis surgeons in my area and campaigning my GP for a referral that I finally got somewhere. For me, the best option turned out to be surgery – I’m now 10 weeks post-op and doing well (other than some minor setbacks).

Long story short – I recommend doing all the research you can then push for the answers you want. I’ve read about other folks on the forum who’ve had to do the same. Though not many here on the forum have Scheuermanns (scoliosis seems to be much more common), everyone here can understand the pain you’re going through (physical and psychological) and be a good source of support.

Wishing you the best of luck!
- Kay

I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's Kyphosis at age 16. I had an 80-degree thoracolumbar kyphosis and mild scoliosis. My posterior fusion surgery was performed by Dr. Sethi in Seattle on Earth Day 2014. It reduced my kyphosis to 50 degrees and my scoliosis to about zero.
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