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Default Re: Hospital appointment today

I had my 2 surgeries done by Dr. King in Tarzana Ca. He is amazing, honest and well respected. He's a children's doctor. He's getting up there in age but a good man and brilliant. I would t go to anyone else.
The surgeries nowadays are so advanced. My first surgery was in 1981 and I was in bed for a month. I had to learn how to walk again. My bones didn't fuse and then we found Dr. King and he was the one who took the Harrington rod out and replaced it with a CD rod. I was up and walking a few hours after surgery. So I can't even imagine how far advanced they are now. If it's anything like I went through, I recovered so fast and wasn't in much pain at all. I'm an actress and 2 weeks later danced in the Madonna's Pepsi commercial and then went off to Canada to film MacGyver. That didn't make Dr. King very happy. But that can give you a gage on how fast kids recover. My second surgery was in 1989, so I'm sure they have progressed SO much further now. I know it's scary, but keep a smile on your face and keep your child positive. It really helps. 💕👍
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