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Default Re: Things you CAN do with a fused spine

Learning to drive! (okay so not new compared to everyone else but I'm liking it)
Working in food service, so on the butchers, fishmongers and delicatessen counters at work which involves lots of bending at the hips and waist to levels below the bending pivot and picking up one or two kilo objects on deli; using the bone sliver/crusher thing on the butchers counter and slicing through bones on fish with my own body weight as the force.

I also take my counter goods off on deli and put them back on to clean the base etc so cumulatively moving at least 45kg bent over. It's hard work and I might be moving sections to something less strenuous but I CAN do it - it just hurts a bit.

Sitting my current exams which are like two hours long with no pillow or tablets is also a new one

I have a three hour exam in two weeks - wish me luck! Think I will use my rest breaks then
I'm Tiff, I'm 17, my consultant's Mr Gibson at RNOH Stanmore and I was diagnosed in November 2011 and I had my spinal fusion October 3rd 2012 and am now fused T2-T11 with amazing correction (60T/40L to 30T/40L).
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