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Default Re: It happened yesterday

Great stuff to hear, was just thinking about you the other day as well and how you were getting on with sorting it all out, as i rarely look at the Kyphosis forum.

getting up and doing stuff has to be one of the top things. Even though walking is very difficult to do to start with, i managed to pick it up quickly, and within a few days, i was able to walk with the physios without having to hold onto them eating helps as well, and eating often, as you wouldnt believe how hungry you get when sitting all day doing nothing. Resting when you feel tired too, sleep for a few hours during the day if needed as that will help too. Also i think having a happy mind set about it helps too, as it makes you look to the good about it all, and you'll surprise yourself at what you can do if you say yes, to something instead of no i dont think i'll be able to do that.

Anways hope this helps with recovery, take it easy at first and you'll come in leaps and bounds in no time

Diagnosed at 14 in '08 with Neuromuscular Kyposcoliosis (due to my Neurofibromatosis Type 1) in the Thoraco-lumber region (T-65* L60*).
Halo traction for a week then I had surgery 08/05/14, fused C5-T12 correcting curves by about half! By the wonderful and amazing, Mr Bernard. And then an Anterior Iliac Strut graft in my neck/ chest on the 05/06/14
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