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Default Re: Finally being fused :D

A different consultant did my knee who specialised in knee surgery. He knew my full history though. During surgery he discovered that I have I have patella maltracking due to my gait meaning that the cartilage on the back of my patella had softened, blistered and started to wear uneven, also on my thigh bone. It had also caused far pad impingement hence why my knee was so painful. He said women are more probe to it due to the way our hip flexors and quads are angled thanks to our hips and that gait issues exasperate the problem thus pulling your patella out of true alignment. My patella still maltracks around 4mm off it should following surgery and 7 months on it now pops out sometimes which was always going to be an issue but I'll live with it until I'm old enough to only need new knees once! My right knee is starting to go the sane way now! He did tell me the surgery could stop the problems for years or even as little for a few months and very rightly it started up only 3 months after I'd had the surgery. It doesn't impact my life really though and I've learnt to live with it so far as it's still far less pain than before!

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