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Default Re: Finally being fused :D

I know it sucks that they make you get to such a state before finally agreeing it's for the best that they operate! They told me it's because they've such a back log that they're holding off on operating on people! The waiting list was 9 months when I first began being treated by my consultant and it's jumped to 2 years currently! 6 months ago me and Ian decided to start trying to have a baby too as we're both 30 now and I began worrying if it will ever be possible if I continued to hold off starting a family whilst waiting for my surgeon to finally give in and operate. As it's gone I've not managed to get pregnant yet but now I'm left wondering could I cope if I did have a baby before the surgery and missing out on part if his / her life while I'm recovering from the operation or do I wait until after I'm healed and hope I can still be in a position to conceive and carry a pregnancy by which time I'll likely be past mid 30's...such a difficult decision to have to make! We've decided to let nature tell us if it's meant to be and my GP has been really supportive in saying they'll help us if we're deciding to hold off until after I'm healed due to my age by then. Decisions decisions....

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