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Default Re: Tell me a little bit about Post-op for Scoliosis?

I'll have a go at answering your questions, but please bear in mind this is from a purely personal point of view, from someone who was 49 when they had the surgery!

1. How bad is the pain?

The first week in hospital was pretty dire. I didn't tolerate the morphine very well and the oral meds they moved me on to made me feel really nauseous, but thankfully it soon starts to get better once you begin to get mobile again.

2. Do you feel the rod?

At first it feels a bit like you have an ironing board strapped to your back! But this gets better as the swelling goes down and you become used to the rods being there, I can't feel them at all now.

3. Can you move?

Immediately after the op it was hard, but they got me sitting up on the edge of the bed after a couple of days and then gradually had me walking around the ward. Within a week I was going up and down stairs quite confidently.

4. Does the hump on your back go away?

Mine hasn't totally gone, but it is very much reduced

5. Do you grow taller...i'm 6'0 so i'm wondering how tall i could grow with 47 degrees thoracic scoliosis.

I regained about 1.5 inches.

6. How long would it take before i drive.

I have never learnt to drive so I have no personal experience of this. I think about 2-3 months is average.

Hope this helps
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