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Default Re: Great news...more questions for veterans ?!

Yes indeed they are! I skipped the part where after the KU specialist i contacted 3 more out of state scoliosis surgeons, they all corresponded with me through phone and email because i was so far. They took my old and new xrays as well as my mri and actually all of them agreed that i needed to do something sooner then later. They found old charts and iv shrunk over an inch amongst other things. Feels good to be heading in a direction for the better, but as i mentioned to Ed i am pretty sure its normal to have anxiety and questions, as well as to be scared. I dont know that that means i should put the brakes on, especially when one of the last things Dr. Moskowitz said was' take your time deciding however i wouldnt recommend putting it out another year" Am i wrong? What do you know about a discogram, or disc ct?
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