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Unhappy Re: Cant Move - SURGERY 7 YEARS AGO

I see my GP quite regularly, they don't do nothing, they put my referral as urgent and I got july, not good enough but cant do much, doctors just give me painkillers that don't work, and sign me off sick but I cant sit round doing nothing all day.

I can bend, but if I bend sometimes I cant get back up, cant really twist very much, I can hardly walk, I cant sit up straight I have to slouch, and I cant walk upright, I have to slouch when I am walking.

I can always move my arms doesn't matter how much pain I'm in, my legs go stiff, but obviously every time I go to the doctors my back hasn't gone.

I have called ambulances out ot my house, all they do is give me gas and air make me go to the toilet, leave and it happens again. I Have been to A & E previously a couple of times and because its not an accident and not classed as an emergency they tell me to go to the doctors.. its just one vicious circle,

I just don't hear about anyone else that cant move for up to 4 days, I don't know how im gonna live with this if I don't get it sorted, they told me this would make my life better, but im starting to think its made it worse.
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