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Default Re: Great news...more questions for veterans ?!

Maybe I didn't quit explain that correctly? He meant that every year I wait I loose how much he can straighten it. Does that make sense? I was going 100 mph I am sorry. It was crazy talking to him, like I said it was like "wow I am not crazy" ha! The upcoming test very much so worries me because with my last baby 4 tries for the spinal, it was an experience I'd never wish on anyone so I think in my mind that's what I am thinking. Thank you for replying about that it did feel good to hear. The worries that flooded in hearing "yes you need a fusion" has been overwhelming! When I asked about loss of movement afterwards he replied that as of right now I don't have full movement, that I am not using all of my spine? Who knew! And that it would be very little, but he needs to determine the discs condition because he may have to extend the fusion into the lower area which would be towards my pelvic???? And that would cause slightly less movement??? It's all crazy to me, he wants to schedule as soon as the test is done and "flexibility x-rays are done"? Again. ...greek to me! Thank you again!!
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