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Default Re: Feel down that there is nothing that can be done about rib hump :-(

Hi All

Thankyou for all the replies, I saw Mr Tucker privately last month at the Wellington Hospital.
He had a quick look at my back with me standing up and completely agreed with me that how he could understand how it was affecting my life in so many ways.
The consultation only lasted 15 mins as he wants to see me in clinic in Stanmore for further consultations.
He said he cannot promise me anything at the moment as it would be a high risk operation to do anything further including breaking my spine to pull it upwards (his words!)
and he would have to look at further CT scans etc to see if he could do anything.

I have since made a GP referral to see him in Stanmore which they are hoping for June/July time so a waiting game now but there is hope at last!

Thanks again for all your support xx
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