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Default Re: Tell me a little bit about Post-op for Scoliosis?

My thoracic curve was 72 degrees at the time of surgery and I was almost 45. I was fused T2-L4 because my 30 degrees lumber curve wasnt compensatory.

Pain for me post op hasn't gone away, its just changed. I have pressure and digging, on busy days it can get pretty bad. My surgeon said the shape of my spine ment when it was de rotated the screws were close to the surface-I have 3/4 protruding ones that could be the cause of most of my pain. Lack of fat there could be a factor too.

Yes I do feel the rods, especially when lying down, again lack of fat and the shape of my spine causes this but the majority of people don't feel any hardware.

Yes I can move! My movements are good, I have found a different way of 'bending' although my middle back is tight and stiff but movement isn't a problem. The back of my right hip is a bit stiff and numb but that's damage from the surgery.

My hump has totally gone I had a costoplasty-8 ribs chopped into and now my back is beautifully flat and I love my posture

I did grow taller initially. I was 5 foot 3 before surgeyr, afterwards I was 5 foot 4 and a half but I suspect I've 'settled' back down again.

I did try driving at around 6 months post op but it was too painful. Its a very individual thing because it depends on the length of your fusion. Twisting is very uncomfortable but you find new ways of doing things.

Its important to remember that there are factors that determine how you will feel post op. Age is a big factor and more importantly the amount of work and length of fusion you have had done.
Thoracic 72 degrees, lumber 30 degrees-fused aged 44, T2-L4, posterior fusion with costoplasty (8 ribs were chopped) on 3/11/10 under the care of Mr Ahmed at North Staffs Hospital. Now nice and straight
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