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Default Re: herniated disc help!

Hi Bee

Just wanted to chime in and say Hi and am so sorry about this kyphosis situation you are in.....

I had 4 lumbar herniationís starting in 2002 and 2 cervical last year that decided to remind me about all the fun I forgot about....thatís the problem successful scoliosis surgery, you find out that the rest of everything else falls apart....ahhh...getting old now...

For herniationís I was never prescribed opoids. I used Celebrex, Naproxen, Bextra (Blacklisted now) and Diclofenac which is goof stuff.....I tried Gabapentin and didnít like it.
Opoids only for surgical recovery, thatís a different story....

Medrol pack.....oral steroids. 6 day program....Worked well.

I also used hot water soaks, massage, ocean therapy, scuba diving, VAX-D, Osteopathy, and Chiro, which is useless for herniationís.... Traction yes, and no. Been used since Hippocrates, and we still donít have a clue....Modulus of elasticity?....Sometimes, I guess. The body is complicated.

My 4 lumbar herniationís in a 70 degree lumbar curve eventually drove me to surgery. It was a long battle.

I take it your in Australia.....If so, can you travel anywhere in Australia to see another surgeon? Just wondering....


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