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I'm 13 years old and I got a brace 3 weeks ago. my scoliosis is at 43 degrees already. I completely understand about the factor of 'this is how your supposed to look' this was one of my biggest worries. I only told my very closest friends because I was so scared I people judging me but on Thursday I just felt like I was going to pop and I just let it out. It wasn't the reaction I expected at all. People were amazed they found my brace really cool! I'm not saying your daughter should just tell people as it is actually quite hard to do!
When my mum sees me having a bad day/night with my brace she tried to comfort me one of the things she says to me is 'embrace your brace like your brace embraces you' this makes me laugh because she always gets it wrong somewhere but my point is the only thing you can do for her is to be there when she needs you. Try and make jokes about the brace to each other. But if she is having a bad day try not to take the brace off straight away because when I do this I really don't want to put it back on!
I know how hard this is emotionally and physically and one thing that actually gets me down about my brace is when people constantly bring it up. I like it when they ask me if I'm ok but say my parents asked me like every 20 minutes I would get upset and more upset with it.

If she needs someone to talk to or you need someone to talk to please message me.
Hope this helps,
Ellen xx
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