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Default Re: The all official 'Good luck JayMoe' thread!

Well today was a very good day as I had some nausea in the morning but had the injection in time so that I wasn't sick pain is very well managed today as I'm not as bad as I was this time last night. All my neuros are good as they check them everyday which you would expect as they are 'playing around' with the spine. Traction is going well,can feels complete difference in my back, as the muscles are soft for the first time in about 3 years AND I can see a visible difference in my ribs which is a great sign I think to show that it is working and also I can feel it sometimes in my back and ribs so I how that this is the only week that I will be on it.

Will be asking my surgeon tomorrow if I can get a chair with a traction unit on it so that I can go out and get some air and sun for a bit, as it's getting boring being inside 24/7

The tramdol generally don't make me sick as during the day I'm fine, its just the morning I feel ill.

But all in all its been a good day and I'm going for a xray to see how much correction I have got from it so will let you know how it goes
Diagnosed at 14 in '08 with Neuromuscular Kyposcoliosis (due to my Neurofibromatosis Type 1) in the Thoraco-lumber region (T-65* L60*).
Halo traction for a week then I had surgery 08/05/14, fused C5-T12 correcting curves by about half! By the wonderful and amazing, Mr Bernard. And then an Anterior Iliac Strut graft in my neck/ chest on the 05/06/14
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