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Default Re: The all official 'Good luck JayMoe' thread!

Yeah, I'm pleased as well as I was really dreading it, only because I was in so much pain the previous night. Hated it being tighted as it was immence pain but the LA after sorted it all out in minutes And also as you said it doesn't feel nice feeling! all sickness is gone now, comfort is better now as as I have said the drugs work so I hardly feel it all now. By yeah I will Literally hang in here
Diagnosed at 14 in '08 with Neuromuscular Kyposcoliosis (due to my Neurofibromatosis Type 1) in the Thoraco-lumber region (T-65* L60*).
Halo traction for a week then I had surgery 08/05/14, fused C5-T12 correcting curves by about half! By the wonderful and amazing, Mr Bernard. And then an Anterior Iliac Strut graft in my neck/ chest on the 05/06/14
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