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Default Re: What's my curvature degree ? Any assumptions ?

As the others have said it is really difficult with kyphosis to judge the size of a curve

Have you been to see a specialist surgeon, if not you need to try and make an appointment with one, they will take an xray and work out the angle from that

If your in the UK then the following is a rough ball park of outcomes

upto 40 degrees (+5 degree for error)

50 - 70 degrees conservative treatments

anything 80 degrees upwards your looking at surgery as an option

surgeons use + or - 5 degrees error

Those are very rough figures and surgeons use a lot of discretion

Have you had an x ray done, if you have then there are some on this site who maybe able to give you a rough idea but unfortunately it is not an exact science and even the experts get it wrong sometime

(one registrar once said I looked like i had a 60 degree curve when it was in the end knocking up a hundred degrees)

Sorry that doesn't help much

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