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Hi Scared Mom. I too was a scared mom for a long time! My daughter's scoliosis was seriously huge and she endured 10 surgeries from age 7 to age 10. She is now 3 years post fusion and living life to the full. If your daughter does ever need surgery be encouraged that the young ones really do bounce back quickly. (It was much worse in my head than in reality!)

Bracing is championed by some doctors and not others. I think that it works for some and not others. The trouble is they dont know who it will work for so they try it on most kids whose curve is below the cut off for surgery (40-50 degrees). I definitely have heard of cases where bracing has worked. Sending lots of love. Xxx
Mum to Maddy aged 14. Maddy is a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital and had a growth rod inserted in November 2007. In March 2011 the growth rod was removed because the curve became too strong. In May 2011 Maddy had anterior release, 2 weeks traction on a Stryker Frame and then spinal fusion.
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