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My curve I believe was in the 20's. There was no mention of bracing and I think so little was understood about scoliosis then. I was fit and active and had no pain so I was discharged. I had the odd niggle but I was a police officer for 17 years until last sept when I was medically retired. My real probs began after my first pregnancy aged 30. I had some Physio and the pain improved for a while. Then it had my second child three years later at 33. In 2010 at 36 I needed a hysterectomy which meant I wasn't as active and I started to notice a huge increase in pain. I'd seen one specialist after my first child who said your too old for surgery. Your bones are strong the way they are!!!
Then when I couldn't bear the pain anymore I saw two more specialists. The first in 2012 who I didn't gel with. He said pain wasn't a reason for the op but he would do it for cosmetic reasons as a horrible hump had appeared in my back due to my spine rotating and the spine and ribs dropping. It was affecting every part of me and phsyco logically. My boys were 7 and 5 by ten and my mobility was decreasing rapidly and pain increasing.. Then I asked for a second opinion and saw Mr Ahmed at Stoke. He was amazing. He could see what effect it was having on my life and he was happy to do the surgery. I only really suffered for a few years so I wouldn't have considered surgery sooner. There was no need but Mr Ahmed said they know that scoliosis deteriorates by 2% each year on average and I was at 50%. I'm fused from T5 to L1 so I am still able to bend from my hips. After my op I came round and could feel that I was lying flat without the dreaded hump and that made it all worth it for me. Do they have a long term plan for your daughter??. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. What area are you from?.
Scoliosis is hereditary. I don't know where it came from in my family. It's mainly in girls but can affect males too.xx
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