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Default Re: School with a brace

I wore a brace to school for about a year and a half. I was fine being shoved around in the crowded halls, if anything, it was I who injured others (and not vice versa) due to their bumping into my hard "armor" I would take hall passes to adjust it though. And if you can loosen it during lunchtime (or find a place to keep it while it's off, but I was always a bit embarrassed to ask that) it would help lots as it compresses the stomach and can get quite uncomfortable. Or take a short break in the bathroom after eating.
For my first year with it, I always wore clothes on top except at home. But when I got to high school I decided, eh I won't put anything on top. I felt a bit self concious like people were staring at me the first day, but not as bad as I expected. People did ask a lot of questions, and I was ok with that. I kind of liked it actually. Some people thought it was a fashion statement, which I found amusing. My friends and I made jokes about it. Some days I still wore it under, other days it was fun to build my outfit around it. (it was a blue zebra print brace) I began to wonder why I used to be so self conscious about it. It was really quite liberating to have it as a natural extension of me and people weren't awkward about it. I'm not saying you have to wear it openly every day, just don't be ashamed about it or hide it. Try it our sometime, maybe go to the grocery store and you'll get a few cute, curious kids asking you questions and wanting to knock on it.
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