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Just a quick update. Nothing has really changed but I had a new meeting with the specialist two weeks ago and he recommended for the hospital management that I should be given surgery! He was very clear that his recommendation was no guarantee that I will get the surgery though. Before the meeting I had new x-rays taken while lying on my back with a kind of sharp pillow under the apex of the curve. It bloody hurt lying like that, but the picture showed that my spine was still quite flexible. The vertebrae around T6-T8 opened up on the anterior side. The specialist wanted to avoid osteotomies if he could, but he said he would do that if he thought it was necessary to give me a decent correction. He estimated that he could correct me to 45-50 degrees using instrumentation and spinal fusion between T2 and L2. I just can't wait to receive the next letter from the hospital which will inform me about the decision.

During the meeting the specialist showed me the result he'd obtained from two previous Scheuermann surgeries the last half year. Both patients were 17-18 yr old and the results were truly impressive! The had curves even worse than mine (which is 104 degrees now) and after the surgeries they were both in the 30-35 degree range. Both had been corrected without osteotomies, just by use of really stiff rods. So I guess there is significant improvement in current practice for Scheuermann surgery now. If you are diagnosed early and meet with the right surgeon then Scheuermann is no longer the terrible disease that it used to be. I hope this can be some form of comfort to young people with Scheuermann and their parents.
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