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Default Re: It's my 12 month anniversary.

The screw didn't end up moving and the fusion sealed the way it was supposed to. I did gain some extra weight over the last 12 months but I expected that due to inactivity but I was prone to.
My level of correction was in the 30 percents (give or take) or something to that effect. But I gained height and today I played soccer with my son it was THE BEST THING I HAVE DONE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE OF BEING A DAD.
I WAS BACK AT WORK WITHIN 3 months and off all meds not to soon after.
The bad side of last year was the death of my father but before he went he got to see me standing tall the way i was supposed to be.
But I have you Guys to thank for the support, info and kind words when I felt like crappola, so here's. BIG THANK YOU.
I still have a hard time wiping the butt, but I will manage.
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