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Default Re: 6 months post-op and my muscle soreness has not gone away

Hey Mike,

It's been 2 years plus for me and I still get muscle spasms occasionally. A muscle relaxer is the only thing that works for me to ease it up.

As far as working out, I have found that going easy, but regularly on the upper back and shoulders has helped keep the spasms at bay for the most part. Also, staying fairly regular in building back some chest muscles, but also stretching them a bunch has made a big difference for me. Helps to keep the posture good with less effort from the back. And core, core, core! Hitting that core will alleviate so much strain on the back in the long run.

My doc told me that spasms are not uncommon and that he frequently prescribes valium to knock them back.

This is from my experience and we're all different, but I hope this helps.

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