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Default Re: Anyone with experience of bracing?

Hi, thanks for your encouraging words. I have had a meeting with my daughters school PE department today, and the great news is that they have said that they know how important the PE option is to my daughter and that she is very talented and that they have no problem in allowing her to take the GCSE option and that if necessary they have enough evidence already of her commitment and skills that they could use this information to get her through the practical side of the qualification and they will give her the criteria for filming her doing her gymnastics before she has surgery so if necessary she can take part in practical lessons in a different way and concentrate on the academic side of the qualification and they have every confidence that she will pass with no problems, so a huge sigh of relief for her, she is very pleased about it and now all she's worried about is having to have a canular put in! not the operation as she said well I won't be aware of it I'll be asleep to I'm not worried about that.
Several years ago she had to undergo surgery for appendix and then a second operation due to complications to remove an abscess and she hated the needles for the numerous canulars she had to have to the point her veins were collapsing. So that's all she's worried about at the moment and the fact that when she has her CT scan they will have to inject a dye into her spine.
I have spoken to Mr Lehovsky's secretary to clarify a few points and she has kindly offered to send me a copy of the notes in the post, which will also be helpful for the school and her gym coaches. Also said I can call and speak to Mr Lehovsky's assistant (Charlie) on Friday if I have any further queries, which is great as now I am full of questions and it nice to know I can speak with someone who can answer them.

It's good to hear that your son's Karate instructor's are understanding about his needing to continue as much as possible, I think it's so important for them to carry on as normal as much as possible. How soon will he have his operation?
Take care and thanks again for the support its much appreciated.
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