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Default Re: Has your infant child been recently diagnosed with scoliosis? READ THIS FIRST.

Hello everyone,

I am based in the Southeast of Ireland and my son ( 7 months old) have been diagnosised with scoliosis curve with COBB score of 26 degree left thoracic lumber. Apparently the RVAD is only 8 degrees. My question is as follows: We saw a General Consultant orthopaedics surgeon yesterday and he told us the above. He thinks it is idiopathic infantile scoliosis. He said he will monitor same and that it appears to be a mild curve.

I have also made an appointment to see an Dr Jacques Noelle ( Crumlin Hospital) privately for a second opinion. He is a consultant Orthopaediac surgeon. I am not sure if he is the expert in Ireland. Has anyones child had treatment under the Consultant? Does anyone know who is the expert consultant in this area. The General Consultant yesterday asked for an xray with my son suspended from the armpits. Is this the best angle to get the xray or does this enlongate the body and possibly put the RVAD out? he also had a xray lying on his back. I would be grateful for any information anyone can give me.

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