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Default Re: Anyone with experience of bracing?

I am so sorry to hear your news, what a terrible shock for you all. Your daughter seems to have a fantastic positive attitude, so I really hope that she is able to continue with gymnastics and sport in general after she has healed. My own daughter, although she has no scoliosis fortunately, is a competitive highland dancer and over the years has had to keep stopping due to injuries which have kept her away from dancing for long periods (longest was about 9 months) but nothing obviously as serious as this. However I really do understand how devastating it is when they have to stop doing something they love and are good at. It was very hurtful for her when well meaning people told her that there were other things she could do, when her heart was set on dancing. However, the only positive is that she now has an incredibly strong character which is standing her in good stead now she is at uni, and she is still dancing at 19! I hope this happens for your daughter too. Nicol fortunately, has been able to keep training at karate, although he can't manage a whole class these days, so they let him do what he can which is so important as he was told that the more supple his back, the better correction he would get when he has his op. Thinking of you and sending hugs to you all. XX
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