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Default Re: Anyone with experience of bracing?

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately the appointment didn't go so well and we got the shock news that my daughter has a break in the lower part of her back and will require surgery to correct it using a metal plate. Mr Lehovsky said it was the only option and that it couldn't heal any other way. We have to have another type of scan to look at bones in more detail and see him again in 3 months.
He will still brace her but can't do this until she's had the corrective surgery for the break which he says needs to be done sooner rather than later, and that she will not be able to do any sport for 6 months following surgery. This has come as a huge blow as she is very sporty and has chosen PE as an option at school. We were advised that she may have to rethink this.

She is adamant that she will still take it and I have a meeting with the school next week to discuss if this is still likely to be a possibility as she will have to refrain from the practical side of lessons for up to 6 months.
Mr Lehovsky is hopeful that the operation may offer some improvement in curve and may help to stop its progression as he is sure that the break has added to the increase in curve, but not the cause of it.
I'm now worried that whilst we wait it might be getting worse, I hope not to a degree where they can't brace it.
Mr Lehovsky seemed very positive and said he will be bracing her once the break is dealt with, so just have to wait and see now I guess.
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