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Default Re: Anyone with experience of bracing?

Good luck with your appointment. The brace has definitely slowed down the curve's progression, which has been a good thing for him, and apart from the first two weeks, he has coped incredibly well with it. No-one has made fun of him, and it has actually had its hilarious moments - he was on a school trip in Germany on a roller coaster and the attendant was trying to get his attention and tapped him on his back, feeling the brace. He jumped back in shock - he though Nicol was a suicide bomber! It really amused his friends. Poor attendant! The language barrier didn't help either, lol. He's been allowed to leave it off for important things, such as weddings, and also for longer when on holiday, as they stressed the important thing was to live your life as normally as possible. And as we live in Scotland, it has kept him warm! XX
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