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Default Re: 17 months post op update.

Originally Posted by Rod Stewart View Post

One of the things that happens to many of us is the tightness or gripping in our thoracic(upper spine) area. I call it the bear traps since it grips and holds. This happens mostly when the winter storms approach, in that the low atmospheric pressure allows the nerve cells to expand in the scar tissue around our paraspinal muscles and soft tissues in the surgical area. It seems like its in the 4 inch wide surgical zone only.....After 6 years now, this it what I have experienced, only during the winter months so its cold related. I have been in summer storms and have not felt the bear traps and during the summers I have no issues whatsoever. This past week the storms have been hitting the west coast and travelling across the country. Its been a tough week for sure. As spring comes, things will get easier. There have been many weather related bear trap threads on NSF through the years.
What is NSF? I think i'm experiencing this bear trap gripping you speak of. My muscles hurt so bad up there.
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