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Default Re: Straight Spine - Getting a Diagnosis and Assistance...


Just got your pm

Mr Fender is a great surgeon (when you see him ask him after me, he'll remember me). He is a really good bloke too, he tells you how it is and he tells you what he can and can't do and he doesn't pull any punches. I was so glad he did my surgery because he told me what to expect and what not to expect and he was right with what he said

I am still in lot of pain 4 years post op, pain is different form post op, I had a hell of time post surgery but Mr F came to see me every day (including weekends) one day he was looking after his kids and he brought them in to see me that is the dedication of the man

(I had an operation on my stomach at a different hospital with a different surgeon not about 3 weeks after the spinal surgery and I only seen that surgeon a couple a times in the fortnight I was in)

Like I say my surgery was difficult I presented Mr Fender with a curve that was extremely large, extremely rigid and a difficult proposition for any surgeon.

I had a lot of post op problems but I was back at work in 5 months. Pain is still a big issue but he managed to cut my curve in half so I am now between 55 and 60 degrees, I have some metal work that is protruding and he said he will do some salvage surgery but he can't predict whether that will cure the pain

I will drop you a PM

Take care

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