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Default Re: Straight Spine - Getting a Diagnosis and Assistance...

Hi All

Not posted here for a while. Just adding this post. Seen a Chiropractor who thinks i have too much curve, i am not sure on that, there are some lines drawn on the referenced image. The ones in purple do not even stay true to the back of the vertebral bodies so not sure what to make of that, the black one i think is supposed to be ideal....

IF i draw lines on the back of the vertebral bodies i can clearly see virtually no curve and also some wicked stepping higher up!

I am also aware there are some changes in the shape of the bodies high up - it has been mentioned by one other person from my MRI but not seen as significant.

Any comments appreciated - still have awful issues with balance and feeling like i cannot move at all in the thoracic area, arms still numb etc...

I am looking at going back to see a specialist locally - Mr Fender is one who i can see soon so am going to see what he can advise.

Between the misalignment in the Lumbar and this in the thoracic its a living nightmare.

Breathing is also still bad, have results of my Respiratory testing this month as well with the consultant.


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