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Originally Posted by freddie53 View Post
Do women really care that much?
I think it really just depends on the woman and the relationship. My husband is about two inches shorter then I am. For some women, that would be a complete deal breaker. For me, it doesn't make any difference at all (although, since we've started taking tango classes, it does make some of the moves harder )

But, really, none of us are perfect - that doesn't mean that we deserve not to be treated well. I'm certainly not as thin as I was when we got married, but if my husband asked me to wear more clothes around the house because he found the added weight unattractive, he'd soon find his things piled up neatly outside the front door. We expect our mates to be supportive, pretty much no matter how we look. We may not say "for fatter for thinner, for straight spine or curved spine" in our vows, but that's certainly the intention of "for better or for worse". We love them, accept them, no matter how they look.
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