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Default Re: Your First Experience of Hospital

Hi, new to this site but I've been in the operating theatre about 6 times now (from what I immediately remember) though not for scoliosis-related reasons (2 ops on my left leg, 2 on my left thigh and 2 bone biopsies). So I guess you can atributte my 'advice' under the general column rather than something scoliosis-specific.
Also this is just from my own experiance, I'm hardly an expert so just take all this with a grain of salt.

Normally the standard procedure is that you cannot eat or drink anything that isn't water from the night before your op. So make sure you eat as much as you can beforehand, probably the only time I'd subscribe to the idea of gluttony. You'll regret it if the last thing you got to eat was a slice of toast.

When the time for the op comes around you'll probably go under via anesthetic administered by needle that will made the general area it was inserted very cold and that'll spread through the body till you go to sleep or through a facemask that pumps gas that 'tastes' something similar to nail polish remover. Regardless on how much you may hate needles, go for the needle. In my experiance the gas has only led to throwing up any food I've tried to eat later.

However, if you do go for the gas and you still 'taste' the gas in some way after the op then don't eat because you'll more likley than not throw it up again. Funnily enough I got rid of it via burping it out through cola. Little gross but it seemed to work.

Actually being under is something like a dreamless sleep. You're in the operating theatre, you're under, you then more or less wake up, either long after the op's finished or as they're wheeling you back to your ward.

Depending on the severity of the op (I imagine in most cases here you'll probably be hospitalised for a day or more after the op, though don't quote me on that.) you'll probably be still there for several days after so bring something to do. Whether that be a book or a TV series on your laptop/tablet/phone or something else is your choice, whatever floats your boat.

Then as always there's calling the doctor/nurses if needed, take the painkillers given to you (in my case it's normally been a morphiene drip) when the pain is moderate but not severe, and get as much sleep and rest as possible.

Not sure how much would help since I think I've more or less said what has been said already here but I hope that there is at least something that wasn't said before.
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