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Default Re: Newly diagnosed son. Questions on bracing

Hi Trish,

My doc, who is pretty progressive in the field, was very outspoken about the fact that bracing for Scheuermann's does more harm than good. His reasoning is that it replaces the support that one's muscles would naturally be giving the body thereby compromising the muscles ability to hold the body normally even after a corrective surgery and he also is adamant that the gains are very small versus the physical and psychological damage that is done to a teen in a brace.

So, hopefully this makes sense. I was almost 40 when diagnosed officially so bracing wasn't an option for me, but I have a 12 year old daughter who I'm looking over so I did ask a TON of questions and bracing was definitely discouraged by my doctor.

Thanks for being a good mom and noticing and listening to others and your son. I didn't get that and it prevented me from addressing the issue for about 25 years.

Good luck on this journey and welcome.

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