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Default Re: Newly diagnosed son. Questions on bracing

My son also has kyphosis/scoliosis, diagnosed a little older then your son and also somewhere on the aspergers spectrum, so I completely sympathize.

We didn't brace (my son was considered too old by the time he was diagnosed) but I know the Milwaukee brace is particularly hard on kids, and that boys, just in general, are more resistant to bracing. The bracing parents will have better advice - I'd just say to pay attention to how he feels. Bracing can be emotionally tough, and that has to be balanced against any benefit.

I don't know the details, but I had the sense that bracing could actually reduce a kyphotic curve (although not scoliosis) - something to do with being able to apply direct pressure to the curve. But i have only a hazy memory of this - you might ask your doctor is this is thought to be the case. If that's the case, that would be something you'd want to talk through with your son.

I'm not familiar with the kyphologic brace - it looks like it's mainly Weiss (the grandson of the woman who invented Schroth exercises). If that's the case, it's possible that it just hasn't been tested enough to be in wide use.

Surgery for kyphosis is considered more difficult then surgery for scoliosis. For that reason, I think surgeons try to do other things before they decide to operate. My sense is that they don't normally operate on kids (the way they do with scoliosis).

Best of luck with your son. I hope the appointment at Shriners helps to answer some of your questions.
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