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Default Re: Straight Spine - Getting a Diagnosis and Assistance...

I would definitely be very wary about making sure who you see has actual experience of a structural scoliosis. My experience of chiropractors, physios and other people who offer back treatments is that they always say they have experience but in actual fact they often haven't or it has only been with a functional scoliosis (which is just not the same) but they want your business first and foremost.

I had a long discussion with a practice near me and the practice manager insisted that the physios all were capable of treating me but would not let me talk individually to any before an appointment to ascertain the level of experience Even though I explained very clearly about my scoliosis and my history. My physio although very good always admits that he does not have specialist knowledge and sometimes I have to make the decision that something is not working for me because of the curve and we stop.

As an aside I keep tweeting the CSP asking why they don't have/promote any scoliosis training, because O find it frustrating that people with scoliosis are left in this position.

I have always avoided chiropractors as I don't have a lot of faith in the training which in this country at least is outside of the NHS
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