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Default Re: Straight Spine - Getting a Diagnosis and Assistance...


I actually have an appointment with an APT practitioner on the 31st. So i am looking forward to that. I am concerned about the pros and cons of CBP. I am going to discuss this with my Chiropractor and be honest about my concerns regards certain techniques and potential to make me worse. As things stand however i am getting worse, rotational and balance issues, like a spinning top. I am not sure why no one i am seeing is able to assist me

I can quite happily describe my theories and what i have done to bring about these issues, however plausible they are they do not seem to hold much credence with anyone.

I would rather avoid CBP but its the only thing left on the table right now alongside AT and i am anxious to try get myself better...i don't want to go backwards, i ended up unable to stand earlier this year and it took me a month or so to get myself moving again and balancing a little better

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