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Default Re: Straight Spine - Getting a Diagnosis and Assistance...


I have had my reports back from recent consultations and reviewing the general trend from all my appointments is that the lordosis is adequate, the thoracic kyphosis is flattened and as can be seen there are issues in the neck. There are no surgical interventions appropriate, however i am still living day to day with mobility issues and increasing stiffness and issues in my neck/thorax and consequently arms etc.

I am going to push ahead with chiropractic treatment i think as this is the only avenue that i have not explored and based on the X-rays it makes sense to attempt better alignment. I have seen a CBP practitioner, and the only thing i will be wanting to avoid is HVT techniques to the neck. CBP does seem to offer good protocols for restoring the lordosis in the neck, and also for addressing hypokyphosis, however i know the thoracic adjustments and methods can take time.

If anyone has and comments it would be appreciated - simply put there is not surgical intervention warranted as there is no pain - yet the neck/thoracic issues i feel cannot wait to be addressed

Starting to feel like i am between a rock and a hard place....

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